[closed and completed]

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Escaped backslash is \\, not \.

I was meant to type this. I don’t know how I it ended up like that with 1 backslash in the thread -
var myStr = ‘FirstLine\n\SecondLine\\rThirdline’

It still says I’m not done

Okay ignore that last reply it did the same thing again. Here’s a screenshot https://i.imgur.com/ggssofo.png

Escape your code with triple backticks and it won’t get mangled (backtick: `).

Anyway, here’s a hint as to your problem:

var attempt = 'FirstLine\n\\SecondLine\\\rThirdline';
var answer = 'FirstLinenewlinebackslashSecondLinebackslashcarriage-returnThirdLine'
  .replace(/newline/g, '\n')
  .replace(/backslash/g, '\\')
  .replace(/carriage-return/g, '\r');

attempt === answer; // false
attempt.toUpperCase() === answer.toUpperCase(); // true

Oh I just noticed I forgot to put a uppercase L on ThirdLine and now I completed the challenge. Well that was pretty dozy of me. Thanks for the help

No worries! Capitalization typos are a menace.