[CLOSED] CSS not working in CodePen, but works in Webstorm


I wrote my JS calculator in webstorm, and then just added it to Codepen once I got it working. I’m having trouble with one of the div’s. It is sized correctly at the smaller screen size, but gets smaller when the screen is full-size. I checked the classes that are acting on it, and doubled checked it from my editor, and it all seems fine. I’ve included screenshots of what I’m talking about, and the link to my codepen: https://codepen.io/flyingspag42/pen/NpRLNM?editors=1100

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

This is how it looks full screen. I don’t know why it’s getting smaller:

Hi, I suggest wrapping everything in inside the cointainer div inside another div and set a width to that div and margin:0 auto; Then I would style all other items with percent values.

Btw. no need to give width and height values for :hover.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the help. I tried that, and it didn’t work. But I did figure out what was going on. I have the class ,col-md-1 on that div. So I had to change it to get the width I want. Thanks again!