Clothes Landing Page Feedback

Hello campers!

Take a look at my Product Landing page

Please leave your feedback, it is very important to me, feel free to criticize.

Thank you!

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At a quick glance, I would suggest giving your section tags some padding-top – this will push the content of the section down within the section. That will fix the fact that, when I click on “Products”, the top of the products section is hidden by your header.

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I made some adjusts and now it seems to be fixed, I reduced the nav-bar height and added a padding-top: 10vh; in the section.

Thank you very much snowmonkey! Nice to have a feedback, it is really meaningful.

Hey - one suggestion would be to try a different font for your body text - I think that one change will instantly make your design appear a lot more ‘professional’. A great place to go for inspiration is

Great work so far though!

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I’ve changed the titles and paragraphs, I believe it is looking better now.

Thank you simon!

No worries - always happy to help if I can.

If you have a moment I’d really appreciate any feedback you may have on my product landing page ( :blush:

On my phone (Pixel 2) the smaller margin on the right side makes it all look a little off.

Have you considered breaking up the different sections with background colors? Like using the green color from the logo as the background of the materials and receive news section. Maybe that shade of green is too dark to use that way. Or maybe alternating background colors that way is poor design.

I feel like somehow the receive news section should stand out on its own instead of looking like part of the shirts section. To me the size of the font on the header “Receive News” seems to not fit with the rest of the page. Or maybe it’s because it’s bold.

Maybe someone can tell me why I’m wrong. My eye for design isn’t very experienced.

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Oh, I didn’t notice the desalignment, I have fixed it now.

I made a division between the news and the shirts section, it looks way better.

I will take a look in the background-color, maybe there is a better alternative to a just a white color behind the sections.

Thank you DZamora54!

Nice page simon, I liked it’s style, principally the policies section.

The about section looks a little too away from the nav-bar, maybe it is just me.

Thanks Mateus (and sorry I haven’t responded for a few days!).

I agree that about section does look a little strange being so far away from the nav - really appreciate your input :ok_hand:

No problem Simon.

You can reduce the padding-top of your main to change the awayness.

Sorry for my bad english, feel free to correct me.