Cloud 9 - EC2 management

Hi all,
first of all, I am so thrilled by what FCC offers. I was in desperate need for a way to strengten my open source development proficiency.

I was following the back-end development certification and I discovered Cloud9 and I was going thru on my own on a quick introduction to AWS.

I am confused on the relationship between C9 and AWS and explicitily:

  1. When I go to my admin console I am not able to see any EC2 instance running even if my Cloud 9 IDE is running, launched with a IAM C9 Dev permission. Is this normal? How can I tell if the IDE is running or not?
  2. Is there a way to explicitely stop the C9 EC2 instance instead of relying on the timeout?


@mleonelli can you link to the tutorial you were following?

I followed the getting started that is on the main page of Cloud9