Cloud Trails- Goolge cloud, Aws, Azure, Digital ocean

Hello! This topic is for the people who want a free cloud trail to learn or to start a mini project while learning. There are a lot of cloud companies that offer Shared-Hosting services to VPS(virtual private servers). For static hosting one doesn’t require access to a server (ssh) simply can drag and drop their project files. But for people who want to implement backend services in their project(app) would definitely require server access there comes VPS into the picture. With VPS one can do amazing things. If you want to try VPS without any cost we got some big companies that offer free cloud trails.

Below cloud trails require your debit or credit card for identity purpose. But they don’t charge until you want to upgrade your account to a paid one.

  1. Goolge cloud -12 months $300(credit is given by google) - - require a debit or credit card with EMV chip.
  2. Amazon web services - 12 months - - require a debit or credit card.
  3. Microsoft Azure - 1 month $200(credit is given by Microsoft) - - require a credit card.

If you have an email provided by your school or college, you can get some pretty amazing things for free from Github education pack. This does not require any card information of yours.

This pack includes cloud trails from aws, Digital ocean.

If you want to get familiar with cloud options, the above cloud providers are a great start.

But If you’re just looking for server/database services for learning and development, don’t forget running the server on your own local machine.

You can setup a LAMP or MAMP on your machine, or use docker containers or even Parallels virtual machines (running Windows or Linux). If you’re already using windows, you have the built in IIS web server and you can also download SQL dev server for free from Microsoft.

One can use a Hosts file to simulate domain names (without the need to register them), and the web servers support virtual hosting so you can have multiple test sites running on same system.

Development will also be faster since you don’t have an FTP or deploy step vs using cloud.

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I would just to add my two cents. Going for Cloud hosting provider seems great at start however later it starts to haunt with Cloud server management and updates syncs. For which i recommend a managed cloud hosting platform when it comes to google websites hosting

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