Cloud9 - creating workspace woes

Just started with cloud9 and I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what.

When I log in, I do not see any screen with option to create workspace (or a +). I can create an environment and I’ve done that (just to see where it would take me). - there is an IDE for creating files,bash environment $, etc. But this doesn’t seem where I want to be.

Any ideas? Tried deleting my cloud9 account and re-doing everything but same results.

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what do you see when you login?
The screen I am seeing is pretty straightforward.

I think I know the souce of the problem. I don’t have a user id. I have an aws cloud9 account. Here is what I see:


And if I go to the cloud9 service, I see the following. The FCC NPM is an environment that I created. As best as I can tell, this is a sort of VM. And there is IDE where I can explore the VM - create files, go to bash environment $, etc. There also appears to be a terminal window. So likely somewhere I can run npm but seems that I’m way off course! Not sure how I got into this mess - I don’t see how to create a user id. Thanks for any ideas.

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