Cloud9 IDE workspace setup

Hello campers.I have decided to practice writing code at cloud9 IDE.I am building a rails-blog with ruby on rails framework .However,when I create a workspace,I do not get a preview button and Run button at top right corner of the editor.May i get someone's help on setting my workspace properly?Thanks.

Works fine for me. Sample code is running.

Hello @JohnnyBizzel,I messed up with my whole settings such that whenever i start a new workspace i do not get the preview and run button at the top right corner of the editor.

What can i do to correct this mess?Would it be OK if i deleted the whole account and register afresh?May be that way the bug will go.What is your take?Thanks.

Hey @JohnnyBizzel,I managed to hover around the problem and the editor and command prompt worked to my tune.Still open to ideas to make the editor show the preview and run buttons.Thanks.

Can you create a run configuration?

How do i do that?

See screenshot above