CMS for a podcast website

I’m beginning the process of revamping a friend’s podcast website. I recently built a halfway working prototype that works fine for experimenting and such, but I have come to the point to where I think I really need a CMS to start building the real thing. Any suggestions aside from wordpress and squarespace like products that people can recommend?

Is it going to be a blog?
If so there are many CMS’s out there. Drupal for example. How are you planning to embed the podcasts? With the standard HTML5 player?

If you don’t need all the features / bloat of Wordpress, Drupal or similar then Grav is a good option -

It doesn’t make use of a database which saves a lot of configuration headaches if you don’t need a DB. After a few years of working mostly with Drupal it’s quite refreshing to use this simpler system.

Only potential issue is that it uses the Twig template engine - so one more new thing to learn, but there’s really not that much to it.

@JohnnyBizzel No blog for the time being. Definitely looking to use some version of the HTML 5 player.

@james_b Thanks for the recccomendation! Looks solid.