CMS: Wordpress Vs Languages

I was wondering why we need to learn HTML, CSS or PHP while we can create websites using WORDPRESS.

  • Most websites are not a blog, and most websites have specific requirements.
  • Wordpress is written in PHP, and to make any modifications to how it works (for example specify how things should display or write plugins), you have to write PHP.
  • It renders HTML, and to change how you want things to render, you need to change the HTML.
  • Most websites have some element of design, CSS is used to adjust that.

Thanks for your reply.
Can you tell me what should i learn Php or Node js Or both?

What do you want to do?

If you want to develop for Wordpress, learn PHP.

I just wanna be a good web developer

What @Tirjasdyn said.

Just pick something. JavaScript has specific use cases (anything in the browser), JavaScript running on Node has specific use cases (like fast realtime applications like chat apps), PHP has specific usecases (like CRUD). There isn’t a magic bullet, but with respect to web development (which covers a huge surface area), you still have to learn the same things regardless of what language of whatever you settle on