Code all the time or do something different

Hi All,

I was wondering how people structure their days whilst studying coding.

What is everyone’s study routine or healthy habits whilst coding?

Do you always code/ study all day or do you completely do something else not related to coding.

I am wondering as i wanted to continue to study during the day and probably do some 3d animation/ blender stuff in the evening.

I am curious to see if anybody switches off from studying/ coding or is it a case of keep going until you get tired and go to sleep?

I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts and feedback.

Kind Regards,


I have limited time to devote to coding as I have so much else going on in my life, so I can’t comment about how I’d structure my day around it, as I cram it in wherever I can find the time.

However, I do think that it’s vitally important to have a healthy balance which includes other unrelated activities, especially those away from a screen. Even if you’re out running, swimming etc and there’s still code running around in your head, that’s important time away from the keyboard.

I’d also always try to have some time to devote your brain to other activities too, like reading a novel, sports, playing chess… whatever floats your boat really.

You’ll likely find you retain information better and discover new insights if you give yourself space to breathe and to devote to other things.

HI igorgetmeabrain,

I completely understand that often times you have to get your coding in where you can.

Currently i am learning how to code but often feel like embracing my creative side via 3d art, blender or learning and having fun with the programs etc.

So was really pondering the idea of coding for a significate portion of the day and then wind down with some creative outlets.

I only wish i could get to the gym but unfortunately i dont have access to a vehicle and the gyms are quite a distance away.

But thank you for your input and feedback it has been highly appreciated and i will take on board what youve mentioned.

I hope you can get a bit of time for structure and maintaining the healthy life balance :grinning: :+1:

All the best,


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