Code ally never redirects me back

I’m another person having this issue. Originally, I was able to get around this issue by turning off all cookie and security protections (not great). But I came back today, and even with all my security settings turned off, it is stuck in this loop. Is there any once and for all fix that I can do? Better browsers to use? anything? I barely got into a few of the modules for relational databases and want to continue, but I’m at a loss.

Update: in edge, doing an F12 shows a graphql error variable $userId of required type ID! was not provided. path: undefined

Another error after that is something went wrong when calling github api.

I found a way around the issue of codeally not redirecting. What I did was go to the codeally website, and connect my github to my codeally (through the codeally website). Then I returned to freecodecamp website and followed the given instructions to start the course (start the course, click the run with codeally button, and sign in to codeally using my Github account).

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