Code camp 300 hours?

Quick question, do the code camps actually take 300 hours or is it until I complete all the topics? I even tried to add up all the tasks but that doesn’t equal 300 hours. Can someone explain why it says 300 hours next to each project?

Thank you!!!

The 300 hour number is an estimated time to complete a certification. Some people take longer and some people take less time. I wouldn’t worry about the number so much as completing the projects.

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I was curious about this estimated time amount too at the beginning of the course. However the more I study, the more I’m confused with the new concepts I learn from the next courses. So I go back and retake the curriculum then come back to my journey. This happens pretty many times and I realized that it takes 300 hours not only to pass all the projects in one breath but also to absorb the concepts and makes them mine in the future. I probably review all the basic concepts every time I get stuck with bigger projects in the future as well. Maybe it just happens to me, though, I want to share my experience with you!

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the estimation is about 50 hours for the challenges and then 50 hours for each project

it may take a lot less or a lot more, just do not worry too much, but you can take it as a way to say “well, if I code three hours per day every day I should finish it in about three months and an half”

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Personally, I would be more worried about understanding the concepts being taught and not focus too much on the amount of hours it takes to do the tasks at hand. There might be a slight chance that you will have to redo certain challenges again while doing your project to truly know how to implement certain things from scratch.