Code Camp Journal

On this note: a big, important overlooked use for the FCC exercises is quick review. Once I’ve finished a module, internalized the concepts and built some stuff, it really helps me to periodically go back and see how quickly I can get through it. Usually this means skipping to the end and adding something very simple to the sample code, and maybe glancing up at the lesson to remind myself of the syntax. Sometimes I’ll have to stop and relearn the subject matter properly because it’s flown the coop. This keeps the syntax in my muscle memory and reminds me of features I can use for stuff I’m currently working on that I may have forgotten. And perhaps as importantly, these drills keep me confident in my skills.

This isn’t even getting into the “spacing effect” for learning and retention. I can recommend this book on that, this is where I first heard of it:

Note to self: Suggest adding “speed run” features to FCC or make my own.

Hmm I’ll like to assist you if you ever need help with the site seems hilarious and I love crazy adventures secondly I feel this would be a tremendous opportunity for me to practice what I’ve learnt and how to work as team

Thank you for the advice! I will look into above mentioned. I should totally try to find a way to make coding fun. I love having fun. It’s all I live for. :stuck_out_tongue: :grinning: