Code doesn't show in the console


I completed the first two modules of HTML without problem and left the third in the middle. I came back two days later with the same laptop and wifi and things started not working. The console just shows:

  • Your test output will go here

Instructions are no longer here and I can’t write or do anything. Preview works fine.

I tried to:

  • suppress cookies and clean the cache
  • change navigator
  • reboot computer

Anyone ever got the problem and worked out a solution ?

Thanks !

your description is quite vague.
Can you show us a screenshot or provide more details?

Hi, thanks for your quick answer. Here is a screenshot

can you click on the button that says index.html ?
This is where you do the coding.
(or styles.css if you are typing css)

yep I can click on both buttons but it has no effect on the console

not sure what you mean by console…
Try to deselect the console button entirely.
Then select index.html
then scroll all the way up in the browser (your screenshot doesn’t show your entire screen but there should be a scroll bar on the far right usually that you can scroll all the way up with).
Once you’ve scrolled up you should see instructions…

Yes @TonyDarko that happens with me also, when using Safari. Try to use Firefox instead :wink:

i use safari and this doesn’t happen to me.
You should deselect the console and select index.html if that is happening to you

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