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How can I write code if I change a group of dynamic numbers into a percentage fluctuation value? If any programmer can guide, please contact: <redacted email>

I don’t understand the question. Are you asking if you have a user input values, how to do a little math and convert them to a percentage that displays on the screen? That would be some pretty basic JS. I would recommend taking a look at the Visit the Curriculum button - the first few certificates would give you the knowledge you need.

This is a forum to support a learning site. This is not a “I’ll tell you what I want and you write the code for me” site. If you want to give it a try, show us your code and we’ll help you to the answer.

Also, you aren’t supposed to post your email for security reasons.

Hi KevinSmith,

On the forex trading platform, there are technical indicators written in code.

This CSI (Currency Strength Index) has eight different curves representing the MA (Moving Average) of the eight currencies fluctuates continuously from value to value, with figures marked on the right.In the upper left corner are currency names and numbers that change in real time.

For example, USD changes its value from 0.003000 to 0.008000 in an hour, but AUD changes its value from 0.00020 to 0.010000, which means that AUD fluctuates faster than USD in an hour.

I need to change the changing figure to the volatility ratio.

Thank you for your professional advice and guidance.

The attached code and screenshot, and I recorded the video.

Kind regards


OK, but that is a for profit trading platform - you’re not going to be able to edit their code.

I assume what you want is to use their custom languages. I found this site.

Other than that you would have to use their API to get/post data, using a standard coding language. That site specifically mentions Python, Go, R, and C++. Depending on how they’re set up, any language could work.

Other than that, you can download data and use some coding in Excel.

But I have to ask at this point - What is your coding background? At what level are you?

You may have more luck looking for forums specifically dealing with forex coding. But they may also assume a basic level of coding knowledge.

Hi Kevin Smith,

I have worked in forex for more than ten years, but the programmer has just started for two months and is a new comer.

I don’t know how to change the dynamic number to the percentage of fluctuation? In this way, we can see the wave speed more intuitively.

Could you tell me how to write code? I want to change the function of this indicator?



That is not an easy answer that can be explained in a discussion like this. Learning to program in a general sense can be learned in any language, but to address your specific code, would have to be addressed in the specific language that is being used.

This is the forum to support the FCC curriculum which is focussed on web development. The certificate on JavaScript could be a decent stand alone section to learn the basics of programming. But if you are dealing with code that is already in a certain language it might be better to learn through that language.

Do you know the language being use? Can you share the relevant code?

Hi Kevin Smith,

Forex indicators are usually C++codes. Please download the MT5 platform, which has the source code of CSI indicators, and I have a textbook for editing the code,but I still can’t edit because I’m a beginner.

I can email you all the documents, please tell me your email address?



I think you’re still not understanding. I’m not going to do your work for you. I’m not going to work for free for your business. I’m not going to download a completely different system, learn it, and give you my work product for free. I also don’t want to do it for money - I have a job. I donate my time here to help people learn programming. You are paying a programmer, have him do it. Have him take some classes. He should be the one scouring coding sites for information.

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