Code Editor-VScode-issue

Hi team, I have a Windows Laptop That is about 95% functional, however, I realize that VSCODE is taking a while to update in the chrome browser. Most of the time it is not responding to the CSS Style Sheet, I am wondering what is wrong. I taught about downloaded the Text Editor using ubuntu but the memory on the computer is 4gig Ram. I am seeking some advice is there any other text editor I can use that will work with my laptop?

if your operating system doesn’t play nice, you can use online environments, like something simple like or a fully fledged could dev env like GitPod

Hey there,

What exactly do you mean by this? You should not be updating VSCode in the browser.

Typically, my workflow consists of using online environments like those mentioned by @ieahleen. However, I still use VSCode locally, coupled with Nano - if it is a quick edit, I use Nano, otherwise I just take the time to startup VSCode.

For an older laptop, I also just changed it from Windows 10 to Ubuntu20.04, which massively helped with boot times, and the like.