Code editor's performance degrades over time

It starts fine but as I keep going the writing becomes slower and laggy. Performance resets after a page refresh. Why does this happen and is there anything I can do to fix it?

Windows 11 Pro
Firefox 124.0.2
64GB DDR4 3200MHz
3060 12GB


I haven’t personally experienced it, but you are not the only one to report it.

As I said in that thread, an issue should probably be opened for it.

But we need more insight into what is happening, which is why I suggested they try profiling using the browser dev tools.


I am also having a similar problem in Chrome and Firefox. Clearing cache doesn’t fix anything either. I’d be much more inclined to contribute monetarily to the platform if it wasn’t extremely laggy when practicing.

It’s super frustrating to feel like you’re stalling for up to and over 30 seconds every time you write one line of code…

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Welcome @dnlives6 :wave:

Would you mind sharing where you were in the curriculum when you first noticed an issue?

I’m experiencing a similar problem, but it starts out very slow and doesn’t really get worse. At least 2 seconds pass between each keystroke and the character appearing on the screen.

I’m using Firefox. When I load the page with very few extensions in a “private window” the problem goes away, so I’m sure there’s a conflict with an extension. I use a lot of extensions, so it’ll take me some time to narrow it down.

I noticed that dark mode extensions and ad blockers were mentioned on a curriculum page. I have those, along with Vimium, disabled on freeCodeCamp.

I’ll post again if I narrow the problem down to a specific addon.

Following is a list of my addons, copied from about: support with minimal edits for readability:


Auto Tab Discard
Better Image Viewer
Bitwarden - Free Password Manager
Black Menu for Google™
Bookmarks Organizer
Bypass Paywalls Clean
Checker Plus for Gmail
Close Tab Button
Dark Reader
Display #Anchors
Duplicate Bookmarks Finder
ExpressVPN: VPN proxy for a better internet
F.B Purity - Cleans up Facebook
Firefox Multi-Account Containers
I still don’t care about cookies
Magnifying Glass
Minimal Theme for Twitter / X
Personal Blocklist (not by Google)
Search on YouTube
Simple Tab Groups
Simple Translate
SponsorBlock for YouTube - Skip Sponsorships
Tab Manager Plus for Firefox
Temporary Containers
Tree Style Tab
uBlock Origin
Undo Close Tab
Unhook - Remove YouTube Recommended & Shorts
Wappalyzer - Technology profiler
Wikipedia (en)
Yet Another Undo Close Tab
YouTube NonStop
Youtube-shorts block

Change the browser, I use Microsoft edge, here it is ok, in Crome i had problems since yesterday.

Do you know if they have opened a issue for it? It happens to me aswell throughout the whole curriculum so far. I am using Chrome.

I open an issue for visibility.

We need more information and reproduction steps.

  1. When does it happen?

  2. Where does it happen?

  3. Browser and system information. Does it happen in Incognito/private mode with no browser extensions running.

  4. Any debugging that might help, console errors, logs, performance/memory profiling, etc.

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