Code feedback and margin

Hello, i just created survey form project and this is the link :

It may be a really messy code, but it would be very appreciated if someone can help me give feedback for my code on how to write more effecient and correct code.

Also, i used margin to move anything all the time, i dont know if there is more efficient way to move something. Like example , in radio form i used negative margin to move it to the left side because it spawned in the middle.

  1. Your span elements should be label elements. Also, if you use a label element you can nest the input inside it and use the label element as a layout container. For example, setting the label to be a flexbox container (so you can do distribution and alignment using flexbox).

  2. You have targeted all input elements and given them width: 95%, which includes the radio and checkbox elements.

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Oh yeah, i forgot that the input element include radio and checkbox :sweat_smile:, so thats explain why it was in the middle. Thank you very much.

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