Code-First or Database-First coding approach?

Hey everyone, I am developing a website and I am not sure if I should follow code-first approach or database-first approach. Any advice/thoughts would be helpful?

Usually you should focus on a “feature”-first approach.

Defining what you want to do in general will dictate which part you start with, and focus on.

I’m, not sure what you want to build, what you want it to do, or if you have defined everything you’d want to learn/build either. I’d start there.

From there you usually determine which parts are the most “fuzzy” or ill-defined and thus high risk. Once you determine which part is the highest risk in terms of implementation, you start there.

Its possible you define your database in the code, or use something more flexible where “starting with the database” doesn’t mean much (like a NoSQL database), or you might not need a database at all (!)

Or you could have the requirements defined down to the actual data-shapes, in which case starting with the database might make the most sense.

No paths are wrong, just different :slight_smile:

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