Code for these functions - betting scanner/scrapper


I’m looking for the best code for these functions!

Python bot for betting with the following function

Rule 1: The minimum odd of the favorite player has to be @1.45 or more.

Rule 2: The difference in the odd between the favorite and outsider has to be @0.50 or more

1 - The bot is in Tennis Sport (all ATP; WTA; CHALLENGERS)

2 - Scan all tennis games and find games with odds minimun @1.45 and difference of 0.50 or more between Player Y and Player X . (example: a game between Player Y and Player X odds are 1.60 to one and 2.20 = 0.60 - this game the bot would have to find)

3 - I would like the bot to get odds information from bookmakers in my country, at most 3 bookmakers or it can even be from Next Tennis Matches.

4- Possibility to choose the day on which the games are played, for example the next day or more…never more than 3 days!

can anyone help!?

Thank you very much in advance

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I don’t even know what these odds mean…

Anyway, we might be able to help you IMPROVE code you have already written. But nobody here is going to just write a bot for you so you can bet on some tennis matches. At least nobody is going to do that for free.


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