Code from previous challenges disappears


I’ve noticed that my code from previous challenges sometimes disappears.
Does anyone else have that problem?

I guess it’s good practice but can be disruptive if trying to recall some code to use in another challenge.

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There are two different types of saved progress for Free Code Camp: your profile and your browser cache.

Your completed challenges are all saved to your account in the FCC database. You can see the list of completed challenges and also the last submitted solutions by looking at your profile page.

If your profile does not include your completed challenges, here is my troubleshooting advice:

  1. Double check that you used the same method to sign in. Try logging out and back in again with the original method. Attempting to sign in with a different method will sometimes create a duplicate account. (FCC is taking steps to prevent this from happening in the future.)
  2. Double check that you aren’t on the beta site now and that you didn’t create your original account on the beta site by accident. (Yes, this does happen.)

Your progress tracking (map) is saved in your browser’s local storage. In-progress code is also saved in your local browser cache. If you are changing browsers or clearing your cache regularly you’ll have to use to navigate to your next challenge. Especially as you get to more complicated challenges that may take multiple sessions, I strongly recommend saving your in-progress work outside of the browser cache. This is a good opportunity to learn the ins and outs of your GitHub account, but you can also just save locally or use a service like which allows for versioning.

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Hello, the solutions for a majority of the challenges I have completed have been cleared from my profile page (the challenges are still marked as completed, but the code is gone). I did clear my browser cache recently, but the solutions should still be accessible from my profile, right? Logging out and back in (using the same method as always) did not help…

On your profile page you should have seen

Note: We have temporarily disabled viewing and sharing solutions, however they are safely stored in your profile. You can learn more about this here.

The message doesn’t appear on my profile page for some reason, but thanks for the reply, I was a bit worried!

It’s right above the challenges table (below your streak info)

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oops, found it, thanks

Hi, we have prepared a fix, to re-enable viewing your solutions. Hopefully this will be available soon. I have updated the original announcement thread for details.

Apologies for the inconvenience.