Code is not rendering to the screen

I can not find reason why my code is not rendering to the screen. Would please take a look and help me to understand. What is it that I am missing?

Thank you.

Link to the project:

If I comment out all of your code except for the last line and add:

const App = () => <h1>Howdy there, pardner!</h1>

it renders correctly. That tells me that there is a problem with one of your components.

If I reset your code and open up the browser dev tools, I see:

iframeConsoleRunner-d8236034cc3508e70b0763f2575a8bb5850f9aea541206ce56704c013047d712.js:1 ReferenceError: palette is not defined
    at App.render (pen.js?key=pen.js-370516c7-1769-6f4f-d287-d7f543450e32:69)
    // ...

Looking above I see:

const pallete = ["warrning", "danger", "success", "primary", "dark"];

So, you seem to be having a disagreement with yourself about how “palette” is spelled.

When I fix that (and a similar problem with buttons/butons), then your app is rendering for me.

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