Code Pen and/or Replit

Some if not more use code pen and replit to complete the FCC curriculum but I don`t. Dose anybody have a answer, am I missing something?

What are you asking exactly?

Well in general a lot of post from FCC take me directly to another IDE without getting to technical. Is there a way to link the curriculum I guess that`s my real question.

I think that’s because FCC is trying to standardize the way that the lessons work and not overwhelm new users. It would be a lot harder for someone who’s just learning to code to have to pick an IDE, switch between the browser and the IDE to do lessons, etc. Also, by coding on CodePen or Replit you don’t have to worry about hosting.

You can definitely do the challenges locally, though. You’d just have to make sure to set up the projects correctly on your own with the necessary dependencies and then host them somewhere that FCC can run tests. It’s just hard to do that if you’re brand new to writing code.

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Thx for the info :+1:

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