Code Pen issues, no new code working

Hi folks,

I’m playing around doing the tribute page thing in Code Pen, just trying to move some pics around and put them in containers, make some boxes for text etc. However, somewhere in there now its like its all locked up and any new changes or additions I try to make have ZERO effect. What’s the deal? There is not much written yet, and I have deleted some of it to see if it’ll free it up and no effect so far. Pictures in, or out of the container I try to make (which is also not showing up) will not move. I had them on the right before then when i reloaded everything is on the left and stuck there. After hours of googling, and stack overflow, I pulled most of my hair out. No amount of new or old code that worked before will add or move anything. Copy paste? HA. Won’t show up. What the hell is it?

try using Analyse HTML and Analyse CSS codepen features and fix the errors - you have many, meaning there is something wrong with the syntax

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ok found that, neat little tab. so apparently you cant bold text in a Div, sad LOL. and then my shadow box selector was duped, it didnt like that LOL. all runs coming back super clean now, no errors. butttt my container still doesnt show up :frowning: and my pics float right is still on the left UGH
but before i forget,THANK YOUUUUU!!! :slight_smile:

the issue with the bold is that your closing tag was wrong: <b/> instead of </b> so as it was not closed it was telling you you can’t have a div inside a b

huh so is it just bold that swaps places with the slash… thats weird.

all closing tags are </tagName>, yours had the slash in the wrong place

ohh i getcha, yeah knew that but read that wrong. damn typos… but now with the revised version there is a whole new string of issues and im so confused.
no image settings seem to help and ive rewirrten them countless times and trying to auto or fix them doesnt work, run the code and it all goes wack, deletes my background and font settings suddenly and no display settings function when put on full screen which is completely opposite of the view while im working on it. its a mess still, and analyze returns no errors. UGH

1hr later: abandoned old format. starting new, lol going better now though, much better.

FINAL UPDATE: the pen has been completed under the new format, simple just i think effective given the task for the project. any feedback would be greatly appreciated, will probably post in that section later, after proofreading it tomorrow.