Code Pen mobile friendly transition

Hi there guys im new here :slight_smile:
I made my codepen and it looked great online and on mobile. But when I copied and pasted the code over to dreamweaver and made it go live, then its not mobile friendly anymore. All I see on my phone is the full webpage. no mobile version. Can someone please help me get it to be mobile?
The code pen is: codepen
The site is: mfmwd

Looks Mobile Friendly to me, I think this is an issue with DreamWeaver.

If you use Chrome Three Verticle Dots at the top right > More Tools > Developer Tools > The mobile icon at the top left ‘toggle device toolbar’* will display a mobile version of the website. You can change to different types of phones or also just responsive and scale the screen to your liking.
There is also this functionality in FireFox as well.