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I am confused on why the letter “g” is the only one able to go after the captial W??

let quoteSample = "The five boxing wizards jump quickly.";
let nonAlphabetRegex = /\W/g; // Change this line
let result = quoteSample.match(nonAlphabetRegex).length;

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Challenge: Match Everything But Letters and Numbers

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Not sure if this will answer your question but g is the global flag in regex and the first test in this challenge is requiring you to use a global flag.

Basically the task is to find everything that is non-alphanumeric characters and without having /g for global search it would find the first one only and stop bug when you add global flag it will find every non-alphanumeric character in quoteSample… hope this helps

in javascript the regex itself goes between two slashes e.g.: /regex/, while you have the option of placing “flags” that can modify how javascript interprets the regex after the second slash.

One flag is g which means even after you find a match with your regex, the system will continue to find more matches until the searched string is exhausted.

So in your example, the regex is \W which matches any non-word character, and adding the g flag means instead of returning the first match, String.match() method will return an array with all matches.

Play around with regex on regex101

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