Code Review for a React - redux Project

Hello everyone! I’m a Junior Web Developer and I would like to ask for a code review from a more experienced developer.
The app to review, is Contacts app with search and filter, two settings for data viewing and statistics;

STACK: React.js, redux, redux-saga, reselect, MUI;

You can find a very detailed explanation of the app on file on GitHub:

github: ContactsApp
netlify: Website

My main concerns are:

  • Do I write a readable code?

  • Are there any obvious mistakes in my code?

  • What kind of things I should work on, what to improve ?

  • Do I use reselect library in a correct way?

I’d be really happy to get an advice on where I should improve.


You are doing best
But i want to work you
I want you to share your expeirence with me ao i can understand about it and you

Just audited your GitHub code roughly, and it’s definitely readable and clean.
Couldn’t figure out any obvious mistakes in the code.
Try to create a project without using any UI toolkit just like MUI.
And what is this, some sort of bug?

Thank you for viewing my code! I’m glad you find it clean and readable.
That’s a great recommendation. However I already have other projects with pure CSS or SASS .
Hm, it’s just a style preference, do you think I should make it without slashes ?

Hello! Thank you! What do you mean?

Off course, you already have a badge showing the nationality, the slashes are not neccessary.

I wanna learn something from you about web development
Be my mentor and guide me so i’m able to start my new project
It is sincerly humble request
You now all pros and cons but i don’t
Share your exprience with me so i can help myself and others like myself

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Alright! Thank you so much

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Thank you so much too

Well, I can’t say that I’m a really experienced developer, so I’ll say something from a user point view :smiley:

I think there should be a message or something saying that there are no search results instead of loading...

I’ve been staring at the screen for a while until I realized that nothing is going to show up haha :smiley:

Other than that everything looks really nice and smooth :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for taking your time to view the App!
Yes, indeed it needs some changes. I know that sometimes it happens, so I need to make it more user friendly!
Appreciate the feedback!

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Thanks for posting. I haven’t seen redux-saga code before, although I have heard of the library in passing. It looks like a nice clear illustration of it’s usage. So thanks! I can’t really therefore ‘review’ it but I will probably learn a bit more about saga and then use your example to help me learn.

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