Code Review for Time Calculator Project: Scientific Computing with Python

Hey Guys, so I recently completed the Time Calculator project as part of the Scientific Computing With Python course and fortunately have passed all the tests on the server, but I feel like my code is a bit too unreadable or “messy” and there may be a few things in there that could be made redundant. I would appreciate if you can give some feedback on it, link to the challenge and my code:


My Solution: boilerplate-time-calculator-1 - Replit

There’s surely couple things that can be looked at. Keep in mind that reaching point when everything is working is a perfect time to try to see what might be simplified and improved.

Seeing that you are saying it’s unreadable or messy, makes it look like you have already some thoughts which parts might need improving, or which parts are hard to follow. What can you do to make them more clear?

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