Code Review I would love to get your expert advice!

Hey all, I created a portfolio for my paintings click here Portfolio. I am looking to have people check over the code and give me some pointers. I am looking to be precise and make it so that any coder can find any element in the CSS or html.

I am trying to use:

  • Semantic HTML5
  • CSS3
    *OOP css
  • tables
  • Flexbox
  • BEM naming methodology
  • Mobile first

I appreciate your criticism and professional advice. Please feel free to be frank honest and share some links. Thank you again so much for your time and effort.

I am new to the code review process so please forgive me if I am going about this in the wrong fashion.
Would it be easier for me to post my code on github or codepen?

No, anyone can view your source code using their browser. Just give it some time for feedback. You have some very specific things you are trying to use in your project and not everyone (me included) knows all of them, so they may not be responding due to knowing they would need to learn/research what those are before providing useful feedback to you.

Okay thank you. I know some of these technologies are a little new. I am really concerned with writing code that is semantic, links with other personal data and helps coders find where they are in the document.