[Code Review] Javascript Calculator

hi folks!
I just finished my javascript calculator challenge, and it’s available here: http://codepen.io/piotr_m_jurek/full/ozVGyw/
I tried to make it the simplest possible in terms of functionality.

My Question is:
How my code looks like? I mean, I know that js is working, but is the style of writing good? There must be something I could change or write better/quicker/shorter etc.

Thanks for answers in advance!

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Design and color is nice. :slight_smile:
But there are two problems.
First, the input doesn’t allow me to enter more than 6 digit numbers.
Second, when i try to multiply two large numbers for several times, the input area jumps down which makes the buttons jump out of the calculator body.

thanks, I need to change it :wink: