Code Test - Can you spot the error?

Hello everyone,

Would you please spot the error?

I have been trying to execute the code, but it showed that there must be at least 5 code elements and 10

elements. It is already there. Would you please help with that?

There should be 10 elements with the p tag. And I don’t see any code.

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p1, p2, p3 etc are not valid element names

lu is also not a valid element name

you do not have any code elements

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Thanks @ilenia !

My understanding is that a β€œp” element looks like <p> </p>. I, thus, wonder what is exactly wrong?

See the ptag here =>

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correct, it looks like <p>, not like <p1> or <p2> or something else like that

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That worked for the β€œp” error. Thanks, @ilenia!

then you just need to just use the code element

and also please fix the lu element, if you want an unordered list the element name is ul

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@ilenia I have rectified the

    error, but the issue is still persistent. I really appreciate your kind help.


I loaded up your codepen, and I am still seeing that you have elements <p1>, <p2>, etc. These are not valid HTML elements - instead, they should be <p> elements.

Additionally, I am not seeing any <code> elements in your HTML yet. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @nhcarrigan!

All done, and code executed.

Have a great day!