Code website from scratch?

Hi guys

I plan to apply for entry-level position related to UI/UX. Do you I think it worth coding a portfolio from starch as I do have a fair knowledge of front-end.

Please give suggestion as well as tools I can use. TIA <3

I think that is a great idea! If you know html, css, js, and a front-end framework, there are a ton of ways to make a web app. For my first job, my portfolio was my own website built on Gatsby (graphQL, react, markdown, sass), wire framing on Figma, and hosted via Netlify. Nowadays you might be better off with something like Next and Vercel, but it’s a great exercise and an opportunity to learn new tech!

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So when you say related to UI/UX, I assume you mean a job where you likely don’t code day-to-day and either spend more time researching or possibly designing UI’s?

If that’s the case I don’t think you need to build your portfolio from scratch. If you simply want to, why not? Go for it!

But if you’re thinking it would give you a competitive edge I’m not sure it will.

Using something like Webflow or Squarespace where you can have the freedom to make a custom design and express your creativity without writing much or any code is probably the way to go.

However if you do plan on finding a job that involves coding then implementing the code for your portfolio site yourself is a great idea. Just plain old HTML/CSS and JS. Then host it on Netlify or Vercel for free. That’s all you need – no other tools or frameworks necessary.

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