CodeAlly email about deleting projects

Hi there,

Recently I started doing some project on FCC and now I got an email from CodeAlly that I need to make some changes to prevent my project deletion. Screenshot attached. However, when I follow the link, it just brings me to my profile where I need to fill in my information, job history, skills, etc just to start job hunting. I only did a couple of projects and can’t exactly job hunt with that. Did anyone experience the same and how can I prevent CodeAlly from deleting my projects? Also, does that mean that the projects will disappear from FCC too? A lot of questions, I know, please help if you can. Appreciate it

yes i also get these emails.
you can get back into the project via the fcc website rather than going through the codeally link.
If you don’t, the project will be removed so you must backup your work on your own computer or on github if you plan on leaving the project half-way and not returning for a while.

Thank you! I will try to find a way to do it. As long as it doesn’t disappear from fcc it’s good.

please don’t misunderstand me. the project will disappear from codeally which means that when you login again it will be gone from fcc too.

I was just trying to explain that you can login to it to ‘keep it alive’ via fcc since the codeally interface is confusing.

I take that the only way then to keep projects alive is to log in to fcc regularly. Codeally is too confusing I agree! Thank you very much for your knowledge.

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