CodeAlly Flaws Too Much!?!

I recently joined the 'Relational DB Cert." and (of course) have used the CodeAlly for the lessons. After working with it for a week now, IMHO it may not be worth my time and effort.

I have logged in daily and each time come up against issues.

  1. First I found it may be best to flush my cookies and cache before each time I log in.
  2. I found that completing lesson segments can be very slow and is also filled with its own issues. The completion notices do not refresh or get stuck. At times, I have gone backward several steps to redo steps to get it to work. I have even logged out and in to reset it. I even use the ‘reset’ button on the bottom middle of the code window several times and that does not always work.
  3. I have noticed that the virtual Git server on the left sometimes gets filled with over 2,000 files of odd .json and extra files. When I delete the files I get forboding error messages. When I try to add and commit the changes to not display them that has its own issues. 2,000 files takes a while to commit…
  4. There are times when I do not see any ‘CodeRoad’ text and need to start over…
  5. And finally this time, my current work disappeared, Disappointing… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  6. I have used several computers to log on and found that both have the same issues.

A simple lesson that should be seconds turns into 30 minutes. Refresh, log in and out, flush cache, etc.

I thank you for your time,

Hello mccurcio

I have the same issue. Sometimes i need 3 or 5 attemps to start one lesson. Now I am also stuck in a Challange. Athe the same time I dont want stop what I have started. so… its frustraiting.