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Hi, an account has been created for me via freecodecamp on the, but as I could not get the site to work, I have decided to close/delete my account as per GDPR. I have spent a long time to figure out how can I contact this company. There is no phone number, email address, nothing. Any ideas how to request account removal there?

They are a completely separate company, so I’m not sure how to reach them. Have you tried via the Facebook, Linkedin, or GitHub links at the bottom of their pages?

The terms of service suggest that accounts can be deleted on the website, but I can’t find any way to do so. They do also say that accounts can be deleted by contacting

I’ve emailed them to see if I can get my account removed.

Wow. It gets even worse

Try this email -

It’s from their privacy policy page - Privacy Policy | CodeAlly

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Thanks for reporting @vidriduch - I will contact them to see if any of those emails are valid and report back. I will also create an issue for them to add a way to delete accounts.

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Hi. Did you have any luck with this? I had no reply from the ’’ email address so far. Looking on the Github, most of the repos are more or less dead with no connection to the main website. Also, what I found weird is that this page seems to be some sort of Job Search app, so I’m not really sure why is this being connected to the FreeCodeCamp course in the first place.

Just got a message today that the account will be deleted, so I hope that this is resolved for now. I still believe though that this should be made easier. Hiding the contact details in T&C or Privacy Policy is very misleading… Also, FreeCodeCamp should make clearer why we need to create an account on a Job recruiting/data collecting website in order to complete the course.

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The CodeAlly service is what freecodecamp uses to embed the editor in the browser, and the account is needed for saving progress

Yes, that’s correct, but you should make it clear to users that they are registering to a job advertising/data collecting website and their data might be used there.

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Yes, I agree that the freeCodeCamp accounts shouldn’t be subscribed to their other services

Update here - I did create an issue around this to let them know. I will make another issue around having freeCodeCamp make things clearer. Just to clarify @vidriduch, it was the email that they responded to?

Yes, and got reply from gentleman called Adam Żaczek (founder) from email address

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