CodeAlly issue in Relational Database course

Just started this module at “Learning Bash”. I am able to run this on my browser, but it seems to be a bit glitching. Whenever I finish a step and proceed to the next, the course is not detecting my actions and cannot proceed to next challenge. This is fixed by resetting it every time I get into a next step, but this is super tedious. Is anything similar ever observed by the community?

P.S. looks like the issue is the program is not triggering “Run tests” automatically upon giving bash a command. Have to reset to make this work.

Update: Solved by removing the project and starting a new one. I have attempted to adjust the font color of terminal, it might be the reason why the glitch happened.

Update #2: Happened again in the Mario database project. Not sure why this happened, maybe because the interface idled out when I left for shower. Would highly aprreciate if someone could check for why inputting a prompt in Terminal won’t trigger ‘Run’ occasionally.

I can’t get it to run at all.