CodeAlly login loop

Hello! I’m logged in to FCC, attempting to finish the learn-sql-by-building-a-student-database-part-1 challenge, and I’m stuck in a login loop with codeally. Can you help me resolve this, please?
codeally login loop

Do you have third-party cookies enabled @obarzanka? I would make sure they are - or maybe try another browser. Let me know if either of those work. There’s been some other similar reports recently that we are looking into. I will let you know if we have any solutions.

It’s strange because it was working in the morning and I made no changes to my workflow since then, literally was just away from my computer for a number of hours. Same thing happening today. I’ll clear cache again, and if that doesn’t help, try a different browser

One thing that has worked for me before was logging in on the codeally website and then opening the challenge (so you skip the sign-in process because you are already logged in).

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I also have this issue. I’ve tried different browsers and creating new accounts, still stuck in a loop.

Is there any update on this? I’m still having the same issue.

hmm, I’m not sure @Aereyelle - everything seems to be working. Are you sure cookies are enabled? Is there any logs in the console you can share.

@Aereyelle can you log in on the codeally website?

The cookie setting was the first thing I checked. I can’t see a console because I can’t get into it, just keep getting looped back to the login screen.

Yes, I just opened it in a browser and I’m still logged in. So I don’t know why it keeps sending me back and forth to a login page.

Argh, I’m facing the same loop on iPad. I’ve tried both Brave and Chrome. No luck.

I’m having the same CodeAlly login loop issue on an iPad. I’ve tried Chrome, Safari and Firefox to no avail. I’m unable to change the cookie settings in either Chrome or Safari, and in Firefox I changed the cookie settings to allow all cookies, with no apparent effect. Interestingly, it did work one single time using Chrome on the iPad the first time I tried, but it hasn’t worked again since.

I believe I found a solution to this issue on the iPad. In the global iPad settings (not the settings found from within each browser, i.e. you go to the iPad settings by clicking on the cog from the iPad home-screen) there are sub-settings for each app and each browser and if you go into those settings, there is an “Allow/Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” toggle button that needs to be set to “Allow” (for Safari it says “Prevent” so it would need to be disabled, while for all the other browsers, it says “Allow” so needs to be enabled). After this, I was able to get CodeAlly to work consistently with Safari on the iPad, though I was still unable to get Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera to work, so there must be some additional issue with them, likely something related to allowing cookies across websites.

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I believe I found a solution for this issue on the iPad — I explained my solution above.

Thanks for the input @rysimmonsdavis. I’ll try to get some Ipad to reproduce.

Thank you @AdamZaczek – sounds good.

I am still stuck in this loop, I can’t say, I am totally of my schedule