CodePen #1: tribute challenge. Comment please


So I started freecodecamp journey yesterday.
Any comments are welcome!

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@Artasz01 Good start here! I like the border style you’re using. I also like that you did this without Bootstrap. :slight_smile:

Your colors pass the contrast checker. However, you’ll want to check your HTML in this HTML validator so you can fix the errors.

I don’t think <right> (on line 34) is a valid HTML tag, so you can remove that from your HTML.

There are a couple of things wrong with this alt attribute: alt"Picture couldn't load. You’ll want to write all attributes like this: alt="". Also, an alt attribute for an image is meant to describe the picture so that systems that don’t show pictures will know what the picture is.

I notice you’re using pt for your top margin size unit (line 9). You may want to learn more about the differences between sizing units (em, px, pt, rem, etc…). I think pt is mostly used for print whereas you’ll want to use px for screens, or even better, em and rem.

Keep working hard on this! :sunny:

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