Codepen and ajax request - code review


I have completed all the front-end challenges. Before getting the certification I wanted to make sure all my projects where in order, and I found out that the Wikipedia and Twitch ones where are no longer working on codepen.

At the time of development I tested them both and where working correctly, but now they return an error related to their asyncronous calls. I spent some time during development to understand and overcome all the CORRS issues, I also went back now and tried scramble things around by using the many solutions offered on this forum to fix the problem, unfortunately to no avail.
So I hope someone is willing to review the code and maybe spot something I am missing and help me find a definitive solution to the problem.

Here are the project:


For Twitch I used pure js, for Wikipedia I used Jquery’s ajax method. I am pretty sure in both cases the issue is confined to the ajax calls and the errors they return.
Please help me solve this. Thank you!

Side-note: the wikipedia project still works ok in codepen on Safari, but not other browsers. May be a hint…?

It looks like you have fixed the problem already. I just want to say that the concept of your Wiki Viewer is really neat. :slight_smile:

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Yes! I finally managed to set these projects straight… :sweat_smile:

And thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciated !

Yes it looks nice.

Can I know how many challenges are in Front end course. I have finished 131 and can’t see where I stand.

Thank you! It’s 300 or so challenges in total for the front-end certificate. Though I would recommend to take a look at the the estimate amount of hours for the sections you haven’t completed yet, it’s a better way to gauge where you’re standing in the certification path I think…

Thanks for your reply.

Whenever i get time, I solve the challenges so I don’t really know how much time I have already spent, plus i can’t see the progress except number or challenges done.

anyways, I am still so far and need to keep it up.

Sure! That’s how most of us campers approach it, I think. Keep going!!