CodePen copy and paste

I just spent I don’t know how many hours making my portfolio page in Dreamweaver. Then I copied and pasted the code into codePen…and…It is a complete mess…Nothing is styled or formatted the way I did it…Is there anyway to fix this without completely redoing it in codePen? Thanks.

Have you tried hitting the “Tidy” button? You can find it in the upper right corner of each editor.

Besides the “tidy” button, it’s not really possible because the size of the window is probably smaller.
If you use only one window, the formatting will probably go back to what it originally was.

That is if you’re talking about the indentation of your code, if you’re missing CSS or JS, maybe you need to add some dependencies.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion and it did not work… CSS is not working either.

Maybe you can post you codepen so everyone can have a look?

Thanks a lot for that. I had it working fine in Dreamweaver and was just hoping to not have to go back through and redo things. Anyway, it looks like I will have to do that…Let’s see where I am at in a few hours.

Do you have any libraries you were using, and have you made sure to load them on CodePen?

Hi, It seems that I did not have bootstrap linked…Once I did that, it solved about 90% of my problem. The rest I was able to fix in about an hour…Thank goodness…

Awesome, glad I could help!