"caused" me to lose a project I was writing. =.=

Okay… here’s what happened. I started to do some changes to my personal portfolio project, and created a new duplicate to work on. I remembered saved it. (There is a tiny chance that I might be wrong. I always smash that save button when I change my code.) Then I went to the gym to work out. After I came back , (did not shut down my laptop. The whole thing untouched) I wanted to change some of the code in my page, so I changed it to “full page view”. Then it gives me a “Error 404 page not found” warning. And no matter how I refresh, the page was always the same. So now my on going project is lost… And it was not found in my pen list too. So…

Any one of you guys had the same issue before??? Codepen gave you a 404 warning and your page was gone???


Might be a silly question but did you look in your “forded” pens?

That’s the easiest way to “copy” your pen, by the way - just click on fork.

Nope. Not there. I will remember just fork it instead of copy pasta everything . LUL

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To be honest this is where version control of Git really shines through. You can revert back to the old version anytime you break something completely, everything is in a safe and a robust place. It also get’s you familiar with git and terminal, things you will definitely need to know in the future.

Just something to consider. :slight_smile:


Definitely will.

Through these few days of learning I have already tried to use git and github. Still haven’t figure it out how to use it completely, but the more I try the more I got used to it.

Thanks for the tip!!!