for Tribute Page

Is it a requirement to create an account with to build and test my Tribute Page? Or can I use another method such as Visual Studio Code, and then copy and paste my solution to the page to test my solution? Thank you for your help!

You need not develop it with Codepen. You can use the tools with which you are comfortable. If you wish to publish it on Codpen remember you only need to copy the parts between the body tags. However, you may publish it anywhere online.

I just found the FAQ which partially answers my question. If I use a URL to present my page(s), where do I enter that information? I am using GitHub normally. Or is it easier to copy and paste to the page? Thank you for your quick response!

you need a live version, if you are using github, you can deploy to github pages and submit that link

a way to view your code needs to be included, so if you use github pages maybe add inside the project a link to the code repo

Will Do. I will start working on it now. Thank you so much!

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