help [Solved]

I’m having some trouble with one of my pens. I had the code written in two parts, each of which I had tested and worked fine. However, when I tried to put them together, the whole pen crashed. I didn’t realize it when I started writing the code, but I have since learned that one of the parts is synchronous and the other asynchronous. Anyway, I can’t even get to my Javascript code to fix it since the pen crashes whenever I try to get to it.

What I’d like to know is: is there any way for me to directly access and edit (or even download) my code without launching the preview?

Thanks in advance.

In the settings you can disable auto preview.

If it crashes before you get to it, you can access just the js by sticking .js on the end of the url. You can copy and paste that into an editor with auto run disabled and fix it up.


If it crashes on load you can add ?turn_off_js=true to the end of your url. This turns off the Javascript in the preview, but you can still make edits, change the settings, save your pen, etc.


Thanks! It worked like a charm.

I have the auto preview disabled on all of my pens. Unfortunately, even with auto preview disabled, the JS still runs whenever the page is loaded. However, your suggestion of using .js worked and I was able to copy my code into an external text editor.


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