I am doing Survey Form and have completed 12 tests correctly. I was using Windows 10 but because of some unknown reasons, Windows 10 got stuck and coding did not work further. I
got Windows 10 replaced with Windows 8 pro. When I give the URL as given above, the same coding comes back done so far but test results
show ‘test 0/0’. Does it show that my previous coding has been deleted from [] Shall I do it again from the beginning? Would you kindly advise me. Thanking you very much. Iqbal

Can you please change your topic title so that it briefly describes the problem you are having or help you need? Posting just a url is not descriptive.

Thank you

I am doing Survey Form and completed 12 tests. The result showed “tests 12/17” correct. Due to some reasons Windows 10 stopped working and I got Windows 8 loaded on laptop. Now the
Run tests shows “tests 0/0”. Further coding gives the same result “tests 0/0”. Does it show that
my previous coding got deleted from the server and I need to do it again from the beginning or may be there is some other error ? I hope I have explained the problem. I shall be thankful and obliged to you. Iqbal

please change your title to something more descriptive as requested above.

why do you think it got deleted? if you open the pen the code is there

you need to select which tests to run from the drop down menu