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Hello! I’m Serhii. I’m doing the “Product landing page” lessons (in the topic “Responsive Web Design Projects” after the “CSS Grid” topic.) Question: How to create an internal folder in Pen (, where is possible to place images (.png, .gif and etc.) for use by link by type the background-image: url (style / img / header_icon.png), for internal link.This is possible in general in “Pens” or not. And how to do it in “Projects”. Thank you in advance for your reply.

CodePen only allows image hosting in the paid version. If you are using the free version of CodePen, you will have to host your image files using a different service.

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ArielLeslie is correct. Only the paid version allows image hosting.

You have a few options otherwise:
Use your own paid hosting to host the image
Use images in the public commons that you can link to directly (like wiki commons)

Codepen tends to block image and file hosting site links like drive, dropbox, imgr etc. If you search you might find one you can still use. I think git hub may still be possible. Just make sure the images are your own.

My advise get some hosting. I pay for codepen and my (shared) hosting at this time. It’s worth it to host projects, have a portfolio and have a testing ground for things I want to learn. It is an investment.

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There are a lot of free hosting options too. Just don’t use Imgur, because they block CodePen.

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Thank you for the quick response.

Thank you for the quick response and advice.