Codepen Issues with Bootstrap3 and 4, CDN's, multi-line CSS and GUI

I was having a problem overriding the Codepen Quick Add Bootstrap3 and Bootstrap4 CDN’s with the Codepen CSS Code Editor (inline styling worked but invalidated the principle of keeping HTML separate from CSS) so I changed the CDN to one mentioned in a freecodecamp post and the CSS code worked, but then I stumbled upon the discovery that the code worked if I used a single line CSS format and not the multi-line format I had been using. Yet, a lot of working codepen CSS code is multi-line and multi-line code works fine with the Bootstrap3 and Bootstrap4 code I downloaded and run on a server offline. I can also override the Bootstrap code with a CSS stylesheet offline. So now, I can change background colors offline and in Codepen if I’m very careful not to use Bootstrap3 code with Bootstrap4 and use a single line CSS format.
At the same time, the Codepen GUI keeps shrinking to 4 lines for the editor and output page,
( possibly linked to the onscreen keyboard of my Android phone) but runs a nice big split screen for about 15-30 mins. I don’t know what is causing the output windows to shrink.
Does anyone know why the single line Codepen CSS works but not multi-line and why the GUI keeps shrinking?
Here is my CodePen page:

Can you include a link to your CodePen (you can edit your original post)?

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