Codepen - My Landing Page

Wow this one took me awhile. I wanted to use a hamburger menu but I’d never made one before and had no idea how.
I had a sneaky overflow in mobile version which alluded me for some time, which was solved by adding a max width to .nav-bar. The issue didn’t show when clicking the hamburger menu, took me awhile to narrow it down.

Someone I spoke to said I had overflow of 28px when i had the issue, how did they narrow it down to a number?

Why didn’t you ask them?

I didn’t see any overflow on my iPad.

One thing, in my opinion, is the vertical height of the nav is way too large. You can make it smaller.

Other than that you are off to a good start.


Thanks for the feedback on the vert height of the nav. I never adjusted it so its good to have feedback from another user. The overflow is fixed so I’m glad you don’t see it. I did ask the person who gave me that number how they got it at the time, but haven’t heard back as yet.


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