Codepen or an alternative?

I’m wondering if I can continue to use Codepen or what my options are for switching. I have made 4 pages on Codepen and it appears that I can not make any more without deleting one of them and making that the next project in the curriculum. I’m thinking that if i delete one of the four then my projects will not be able to be reviewed? I don’t want to pay for CodePen but i will if there are no other options. I’m using a Chromebook so my options for other environments are a bit limited. I’ve tried some other options but none of them seem to be as good as CodePen. Any ideas?

That is strange, you should be able to make more pens than 4 without going pro. I’m not pro, and I have a lot more than that. What error are you getting?

Ok i just figured it out, I read your reply and figured I would go back and try again. I now realize I was clicking on Project instead of on Pen! Simple mistake i guess, thank you for your help! I’m glad i don’t have to pay for a developer environment yet!

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Glad you figured it out. You can use CodePen without paying. But, some features such as projects require PRO. See if you want to see all the features in PRO. As a regular user, you probably won’t need PRO.

Awesome, thanks! Long live CodePen!