Codepen phone bug?

In codepen on the phone, the codes are deleted by itself, why?


You should report this bug with them :slight_smile:.

I thought many people before me noticed this and reported it to them. Maybe someone here knows the solution. I’ll still let them know via video.

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I’m not sure what you’re trying to describe. What do you mean when you say “codes are deleted by itself”?

I tried to show it in the video. link

I don’t see a bug. I’m not sure what you’re having trouble with.

The codes are self-deleting or self-complementing to another word. how did you not notice? codepen writes “documentvar” by itself at the beginning of the video, I didn’t do this.

Well, if the issue doesn’t resolve itself then you can try another online editor like replit or codesandbox.

It is not required to use codepen for the projects.

These sites do not have errors like codepen. I only get these errors while writing code on the phone, codepen works fine on the desktop.

I think this is related to the phone keyboard and the auto completion feature it has. Try to disable it and see if it works correctly.

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From the video I can’t tell the difference between what you are describing and normal typos. I do recommend downloading a coding keyboard to use with sites like CodePen and freeCodeCamp because the typical device keyboard often has auto formatting, correction, word completion, etc that can cause problems with code.

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Most web code editor interfaces don’t work very well on phones. It’s often to do with a combination of the keyboard, the web input fields used to allow you to type the code, how the library used to run the editor works, and how the syntax highlighting used on those inputs is applied. I’ve just tested it on Firefox and Chrome on Android and it’s unusable regardless of whether I use the normal keyboard or a code keyboard, autocomplete or no autocomplete (I try every so often anyway to see if anything has changed, but always see that behaviour).

The solution is generally to use desktop, it’s not designed to work on mobile devices. You may be able to find some combination of setting that works. Other people seem to have had success. I’ve never been able to do so, I always see the same behaviour on CodePen and on FCC as you’re seeing now.

My keyboard is Gboard. Auto-complete etc features are turned off, only suggesting words. I tried to show it again in a new video. The letter ‘e’ deleted itself after I wrote it. Link

Could it be from Codepen’s autosave feature? I have not encountered these problems in other online editors.

Possibly, it’s never worked for me regardless of whether autosave is on or off but might just be something to do with my browser :man_shrugging:t3: (note I’m talking in terms of years and years here, not a one-off check, I do assume it’s a combination of things).

It’s not just your phone. crashes on my linux machine, my windows machine, and my mac.

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