CodePen template elements not appearing

The project-picker/auto-grader element that usually appeared in the top left of my CodePen projects is no longer appearing. I was able to complete the first few projects with no problem, but now it has stopped showing up, both in my past projects and in newly created ones. I am not sure if this is an issue with my browser, my account, or just plain old user error on my part. Is this a known issue?

Hi, can you post a link to the pen where this is happening?

Here is the link:

I didn’t add or delete anything after clicking the template link.

Hello there,

I see the test suite in your app. Perhaps, it is an issue with your browser:

  • Ensure you have no browser extensions blocking anything on the page
  • Ensure you have no outdated cache (hard refresh the page)
  • Test with a different browser, and/or incognito mode

If you want to dig deeper, you can always open up your browser dev tools, refresh the page, and look in the console for relevant errors.

Hope this helps

I just installed Chrome and it seems to work there. I probably should have tried that first. Thanks!

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